July 29, 2009

Momofuku Milk Bar

So in all the salty fatty ecstasy over Mr. Chang's pork offerings, I have neglected to mention anything about the sweets. These are not inconsiderable.

For a start, when we went the first time, there was a lemon verbena soft serve on the menu at Milk Bar. I regret not having room for it that night, as it was gone from the menu by the time we got back. We tried the Cereal MilkTM which was pretty good as a novelty, tasting just like cornflakes gone soggy in whole milk and then frozen. We also tried the Strawberry Shortcake, which was surprisingly nasty, with a very odd tang to it that seemed to be due to the shortcake aspect. But softserve in exciting flavors is just the pleasing frivolity that Mr. Chang wants it to be, and NYC is eating it up.

We tried the Crack PieTM which was indeed a buttery little minx, and the Candy Bar pie was a big fat Reese's Cup in a crust.

The real gem, though, and I am pretty sure it's not a hidden one by any measure, is the Compost CookieTM. It's a big pile of crumbs and scraps all baked up together with some butter and sugar and flour. It's got potato chips in it, and coffee grounds, along with more usual things like graham cracker crumbs and oats and chocolate. So every bite hits a caramel-salt-mocha note that just makes me happy all over.

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